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Blood Facelift


Why the Blood Facelift?

With many ways to rejuvenate the face, why look for a better way?

Cosmetic surgery can remove excess skin and make the person appear younger. But, a surgical facelift can be more than what’s needed for some people (especially when the loss of shape without extra skin is the main problem). 
Hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers lift the skin away from the bone to restore youthful volume and shape. But HA fillers can cause problems near the eye. Also, the injector of HA fillers can chase a

wrinkle and create a profile that looks foreign to the person’s face or even foreign to this planet.The HA fillers do little to improve skin tone and texture.​Unlike most procedures, the Blood Facelift (R) offers a way of both restoring shape and improving tone and texture, as well as rejuvenating new and younger tissue! Here’s how it’s done.

Steps of the Blood Facelift® Procedure

  • First, the injector uses HA fillers to create a beautiful shape.

  • Then, the physician isolates growth factors from the patient’s blood. 

  • When these growth factors enter the face (injected by the physician or NP), then muti-potent stem cells become activated to grow new tissue.  This new tissue includes new collagen, new fatty tissue (for smoothness), and new blood vessels (for a healthy glow).

Creating a Beautiful & Natural Shape

In the first part of the Blood FaceLift® procedure, the physician uses a Hyaluronic Acid (HA) filler (like Restylane or Juvederm) in a very specific way to sculpt a younger appearing face–while still keeping the shape natural. After creating a younger, natural shape, then the physician harvests from the patient's own blood, growth factors that her body would normally use to heal damaged tissue.


Isolating  & Activating the Magic from Your Blood

First, the physician draws about two teaspoons of blood.
Then, using a centrifuge, the physician isolates platelets from that blood (platelet-rich plasma or PRP)–all within about 10 minutes in the office!
Then she “activates” those platelets to cause the release from the platelets of at least nine growth factors that would typically be used to heal injured tissue. 
These growth factors work like magic to cause increased collagen & new blood flow. To rejuvenate new skin, these growth factors must be put back into your face

Blood Facelift

Injecting the Magic into Your Face

Using numbing cream and a very small needle (for almost no pain), the physician injects the woman’s own growth factors back into her face in a particular way. These growth factors then activate multipotent stem cells already in the skin (tricking them into “thinking” there’s been an injury and new younger tissue should be generated).

Recovery & Maintenance with the Healing & Regeneration properties of Altar™ 

The patented ingredient in Altar™, SBD-4, works synergistically to enhance the effects of the previous steps and to help supply blood flow to the fragile new growth of healthy pluripotent stem cells.

Hair Restoration


Doctors typically use this treatment when hair loss results from androgenetic alopecia, a common condition that causes hair follicles to shrink. In males, this is called male pattern baldness. Although PRP is a relatively new approach, there is some scientific evidence to suggest that it can promote hair growth. Platelets are a component of blood, along with red and white blood cells. When a person sustains a cut or wound, the platelets are some of the body’s “first responders” that arrive to stop the bleeding and promote healing. 

Researchers theorized that if they could extract concentrated platelets and inject them into damaged areas of the body, they could accelerate healing.

To produce PRP, a medical professional will take a blood sample and put it into a centrifuge machine. This machine spins at a rapid rate, which separates the components of the blood. The medical professional then extracts the platelets for injection.

PRP contains a range of growth factors and proteins that speed tissue repair. As some hair loss types result from damage to hair follicles, researchers initially hypothesized that PRP could help regrow hair by reversing the process that occurs in androgenetic alopecia.

There are several possible outcomes when platelet-rich plasma is used for hair recovery:

  • The re-stimulating hair growth cycle

  • Stopping the spread of baldness

  • Thickening existing hair

PRP injections are all-natural and have been found to stimulate regrowth of hair and reduce thinning effects regardless of when the balding started.

Hair Restoration

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