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The Truth About Chemical Peels
Everything You Need To Know Before Your First Treatment

Chemical peels are an essential part of skin health. As an effective treatment option for most skin types and concerns, they improve tone, texture, fine lines and wrinkles, breakouts, and dark spots, but many people are intimidated to go in for their first peel treatment. The fear of leaving with a bright red face that hurts prevents some from experiencing the many benefits. The post-peel reality


is a glowing, healthy complexion. Here's everything you need to know before your first SKIN chemical peel: Peeling is exfoliation. When your skin peels or flakes after treatment, your skin is shedding dead or damaged surface cells and revealing new, healthy skin cells on the surface. This action is called cell turnover. Supporting the cell turnover process with chemical peels allows the skin to shed dead cells and bring a new, fresh coat to the surface, free of signs of aging, sun damage, dirt, and debris.

The result is glowing skin. You won't necessarily experience visible peeling. That doesn't mean your treatment was ineffective. Everyone shares different peeling levels, dependent upon skin type, resilience, type of peel, and the number of layers applied. Some people experience 'sheeting,' when large portions of the skin peel off at once. Some patients experience 'flaking,' when small pieces of skin peel off, similar to dry, winter skin, or mild peeling after a sunburn. Others experience exfoliation that is not visible. If you don't peel, your skin is still exfoliating. In this case, the exfoliation is happening on a cellular level that can't be seen by the naked eye. Typically, the deeper the peel you receive, the more extensive peeling you will experience.

The VI Peel® is a gentle yet highly successful form of chemical peels that can be used to improve the appearance of facial skin, even in those areas where the skin is thinner and particularly delicate. In addition to removing the damaged, top layer of skin, the VI Peel® also stimulates the natural production of collagen and elastin – two substances which are vital for healthy skin growth. Our body’s ability to produce these fades as we become older, so by re-stimulating their production, we can ensure that new skin growth is healthier, stronger, supple and more youthful in appearance.

PCA Skin Peels

PCA skin professional treatments are scientifically formulated to stimulate, firm, and tighten skin gently. Twenty years ago, PCA originated light to medium peels for use by physicians and highly-trained skin care professionals to help you reach your skin goals. Clinically researched formulations help reduce surface lines' depth, smooth rough skin texture, treat skin discoloration and redness, and assist in clearing acne/blemished skin without the downtime often associated with traditional chemical peels. These progressive in-office treatment complement PCA Skin's daily care products to speed the process toward visible, proven results. Our provider will access your skin for the perfect combination of PCA Skin professional treatment and everyday care products to dramatically improve skin health for a more beautiful complexion.


Our RevePeel and RevePeel Fresh are advanced medical grade peels, superior to similar peels in the market on results.   Enlighten is a 28 days depigmentation system for melasma and hyperpigmentation, especially safe for ethnic skin. 

What are the benefits?

The REVEPEEL® is a true medium depth peel works to repair skin at cellular level with integrated pre and post peel treatment . Effective on face, neck, décolletage, chest and hands. Just one REVEPEEL® will:

  • Significantly reduce hyperpigmentation, melasma, age spots and sun damage.

  • Help clear up scars or acne, and prevent acne formation.

  • Diminish fine lines and wrinkles, firm skin, and minimize pores to give you a healthy, youthful complexion.


The RevePeel is applied in our office where we monitor and adjust it for 45 minutes. Afterwards, it stays on your skin for 2 to 4 hours with the REVESKIN™ post-care kit, to take care of your skin during the following week. You should expect 1 to 2 days of looking like you have mild sunburn, followed by light peeling after 48 hours, then heavy peeling on days 4 to 6. Afterwards you’ll see fresh, beautiful new skin. Post care instruction should be strictly followed to take care of your new and sensitive skin, especially in the first 28 days after the peel. You won’t believe your own reflection in the mirror.