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Medical Spa Versus Day Spa

Sometimes you need a good spa day! Going to the spa can be a great way to destress while rejuvenating your mind, body, skin, and soul. For many people, the difference between a medical spa and a traditional day spa is ambiguous. This page will explain some of the differences and benefits of a medspa vs. a day spa!


Traditional day spas provide personal care treatments focused on improving the beauty, health, and relaxation. Standard services at day spas include massages, pedicures/manicures, aromatherapy, facials, and body wraps. Many Day spas services offer specialized treatments like reflexology and stone massages, while others may integrate hair and makeup services so spa-goers can get a new hairstyle while they relax. Day spas are similar to a resort.

Day spas are not under the supervision of a medical director, and treatments are not typically performed by medically trained professionals such as nurses or nurse practitioners. Day spa providers of some treatments are certified in the area of their expertise, such as a licensed massage therapist, or they may be trained as a spa tech or aesthetician.


At Dr. Diva Aesthetics, we are a specialized medical skincare medspa operating under the guidance of Jakeyla Reed; a Doctorate prepared advanced practice nurse who has eight years of medical experience. Medical services need to be under the direction of a medical provider. Reed only combines evidence-based science with the latest beauty medical treatments for all patients. Our medical spa focuses on providing medical-grade treatments to correct various skin conditions, including lines and wrinkles, pigmentation issues, acne, redness, volume loss, acne, and broken capillaries. 

Medspas are less about relaxation and pampering and more about providing lasting improvements to the skin with advanced skincare and treatments.

Now let's take a look at the Top 5 Most Popular Medical Spa Treatments:

1. Chemical Peels


chemical peel is a technique used to improve the skin's appearance on the face, neck, or hands. A chemical solution is applied to the skin that causes it to exfoliate and eventually peel off. The new, regenerated skin is usually smoother and less wrinkled than the old skin.


2. Aesthetician Services 


Aesthetician services involve skincare and beauty treatments such as facials, makeup applications, and hair removal through electrolysis, waxing, or other techniques.


3. Botox and Filler Injections


The injection of botulinum toxin--commonly known as Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin-- has become very popular for reducing wrinkles and rejuvenating the aging face. First granted U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval to treat frown lines in 2002, Botox remains one of the most popular cosmetic procedures on the market, and its popularity continues to rise. Fillers can be used in combination for a vampire facelift. 

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4. Microdermabrasion/Micro-needling


Microdermabrasion skin rejuvenation is used as an exfoliation method to treat light scarring, discoloration and sun damage, and stretch marks. Treatments include using a minimally abrasive instrument to gently sand your skin, removing the thicker, uneven outer layer.

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5. Hair Restoration Services
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Here at Dr. Diva, we offer a wide range of therapeutic services designed to improve your well-being. Choose from our menu or customize it. We’re happy to work together with you to create an individual package that best suits your needs. We’re ready to give you the skin you always dreamed of.  Check out a sampling of what we have to offer by email or call.

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